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"Buckeye just built us the most beautiful home. We had met with other builders before we accidentally discovered Buckeye. But we met with Mike and right away felt comfortable with him and knew he was the right choice. His team is amazing. They were so patient with us and turned our thoughts and dreams into this custom built home. We absolutely love it. Their work is impeccable and they pay attention to every detail. Not that I ever plan on leaving this house, I would build with Buckeye again without a doubt!"

Rachael Bates

"From the moment that we started the process with Mike White at Buckeye Real Estate Group, we had a feeling that we were working with the right builder. Little did we realize how great they would be. We have worked with a few builders in our past. Those experiences were good but after working with Andy Vidra today, we have found that this experience is far superior than anything that we have experienced before. We are halfway through the process and could not be happier with our decision to work with Mike White and his team. I can't wait to post another review in a couple of months when we have moved into our new home."

Christy Gano

"Every part of our build was extraordinary, from the minute we meet with Mike we knew they were going to be the company to build our home. When we started our process, we heard the stories from everybody, how hard it is, good luck it'll test your marriage etc... but we can honestly say it was an awesome experience! The few issues we had were handled immediately. I will recommended Buckeye time and time again! "

Jessica S.

"Our beautiful home is finally finished, and we love it. We actually got in earlier than expected!! That never usually happens, but Andy knew we were eager to get into our new home. We were living in an apartment during the building process and couldn't wait to get out! We also had a wonderful experience picking out our decor with Tami Emans. It is great to have input from someone who has interior decorating experience. We really appreciated her much needed help, and that she was willing to pretty much meet us at any time. We went through Andy Vidra for most of our construction needs, and he was at our beckon call. We had a few glitches along the way, but who doesn't right?!?! Andy always addressed any problems in a timely manner. I waited until everything was finished before writing this review because I wanted to make sure we were completely satisfied. Overall we are very happy with our experience and our home! We have had two prior experiences in building, and this one was by far our best. Big thanks to Mike and to the entire team!"

Erin Krift

"I am thrilled to say that Buckeye Real Estate Group built our dream home. When we decided to "build" we heard countless horror stories about how hard it is to build a new home. I'm here to say that couldn't be farther from the truth for us. The team at Buckeye are AMAZING !! Mike White, Tami Emans, Tracey Sehnert, Jeff Kaminski, Andy Vidra and Crystal guys TOTALLY ROCK !!!!

We could not be happier with our home and the support that we got every step of the way....I am not kidding when I say, I talked to someone from this team every single day and they were always patient and supportive.

If you are looking to build and want a stress free experience....I highly recommend you call Mike White - you won't be sorry !!!"

Kelly Wilson

Dear Mike,

I am writing this letter to you on the evening before I will move into my new home. As you know I am bursting with pride in the result of literally years of planning and dreaming and months of anticipation. As busy and exciting as this time is, I had to take time to briefly congratulate you on a job so well done.

In planning for my new home I have reviewed hundreds of plans, researched dozens of products and taken the opportunity to go through countless homes to glean ideas. I spoke with several builders and received ranging project cost estimates. Now, months later, as I view the end result, I am thankful that I made the right choice to work with you and your company.

It is no surprise to me that Buckeye Specialty Homes is fast becoming one of the premier custom homebuilders in the Toledo area. The business-like and efficient way you run your company has shown itself clearly in the effective way you have run my job site. The most impressive sign of that organization is the amazing fact that we will be moving into our home several weeks ahead of even my most aggressive time estimates. This is an accomplishment that is nearly unheard of in the home building business and one for which I have great admiration and appreciation.

Mine has not been an easy home to build, it is specially designed and custom crafted to our lifestyle. Because of this fact I consider myself fortunate to have worked with someone who possesses such fantastic expertise and skill. Your personal touch has been invaluable in helping to shape our home and your direct impact is obvious in many areas. With regard to cost, you have always been proactive and informative about extras and options providing me with all of the information I have needed to make wise decisions. Thanks to your watchful eye, the craftsmanship of your trusted subcontractors has been impeccable. Most impressive, are you abilities to create a time line, communicate it to your staff and enforce it through accountability. Through all of this, I am happy to say that in a business that has its share of hard feelings about builders, I would not only recommend your services but also I am proud to consider you a friend.

In closing Mike, I would like you to understand that I know this is all in a day’s work for you. I hope, though, that when you have time to consider it, you will realize that in the years to come, even though it is I who gets to accept all of the complements and accolades from friends and neighbors, in a small way, it is you who should be proud of my “dream house”.

Yours truly,

Shain. P. Buerk