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Our Building Process

The Building Timeline

 Starting Point:  Sign Contract
 Weeks 1-2:  Excavation & Foundation (2 weeks)
 Weeks 3-4:  Framing (2 weeks)
 Weeks 5-7:  Mechanical Rough-in (3 weeks)
 Weeks 8-10:  Insulation & Drywall (3 weeks)
 Weeks 11-14:  Interior Trim, Cabinets & Paint (4 weeks)
 Week 15:  Hard Surface Flooring(1 week)
 Weeks 16-17:  Carpet & Cleaning (2 weeks)
 Week 18:  Final Walk-Thru & Closing (1 week)

Please note, this is a general timeline - all homes may not fit this exact schedule. You will be given your closing date when you sign a contract to build. You will also be given dates when exterior and interior selections are required. A member of our staff will meet with you and help guide you through the process of making your selections.

In addition, you will also have your own personal log-in for Buckeye's job management software to be able to track the progress of the construction of your new home. Schedules are updated daily. You will have access to all the of the sign offs, construction documents and plans for your home. You will see any change orders throughout the process as well, and will be linked into all of the suppliers. All of this can be accessed from your smart phone or computer.

Warranty and Follow-Up

Prior to possession we will do a walk-through inspection to address any items of concern that need to be corrected prior to closing. After you’ve moved into your new home, we will handle any and all concerns during the first year in your home. During your one-year warranty period, your concerns will be addressed and corrected in a timely manner and to your satisfaction. At the end of your one-year warranty we come to review your home again for any warranty related issues.